Welcome to the Peer to Peer Home Page.

This site is a primary informational and training tool for students who are enrolled in the Peer to Peer class. The Peer to Peer class is an elective credit. Students who desire to take the class must complete an application for the class and turn it into the Peer to Peer teacher. The Peer to Peer teacher reviews the application, and interviews the student to see if there would be a good match with a student with Social Skill deficits. Once enrolled in the Peer to Peer class, the LINK student will be attending (along with the assigned ASD student) a class in which the assigned student is enrolled. The LINK student will sit next to this student with ASD, focusing on socialization and independence improvements for their assigned student. The LINK student may be involved in some academic support, as well as improving organizational skills for the student with ASD. In addition to the LINK’s time with their student, there will also be additional assignments for structured journaling about their time with their student, as well as related assignments, which will be the basis for the grade earned in the Peer to Peer class. Journals will be completed on this site on a separate password protected page. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Please feel free to explore other points of interest on this page.